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About Us

    We are a diverse group of human resource professionals and business leaders in Aroostook County, Maine.  We meet each month as a group to listen to a guest speaker and share our thoughts, ideas and issues with one another as professionals.  We look at current issues in the workplace and act as a think tank to help our fellow business leaders make decisions that will help lead Aroostook County businesses.  We also are directly involved with state and federal legislation with updates from our Government Affairs Committee at a state level.  We act as a group to support or defend our position to our elected officials to what is best for businesses in Aroostook County, Maine.

    Please join us at our next meeting to see how involvement in NESHRM can help make you a better leader.


    If you have any questions about NESHRM, please contact one of our officers.

    President:  Pete Lento, (207) 425-7022,

    Vice President: Cory Tilley, (207) 760-1510,

    Past President:  Danielle Cyr, (207) 705-4289,

    Secretary:   Sarah Blackstone, (207) 768-5051,

    Treasurer:  Julie Doody; 1 (207) 760-6248;

    Legislative Rep: Jen Buckingham, (207) 764-0772,